..the grand chef

The Grand Chef Makes Macaroni and Cheese

“I know I can do it; it is my favorite side dish!” These words were proclaimed by Chester Reginald Motsinger. He was known for having a sharp memory, classic culinary skills and being resourceful in all situations, normally in an aggressive manner. “I make the best macaroni and cheese, it is simple, cheesy, creamy and delicious!” Chester was chattering away to his wife, Ella, who was known for being creative, charming and calm in any environment. She was exactly the partner Chester needed and they had been married for over 30 years.

“I have my melting pot and it is warming up”, Chester kept talking away as he would go step by step into making this scrumptious concoction. Ella was casually flipping through a home designer magazine to help her deal with the over eager chef and his constant comments. “I have the pot hot enough for the stick of butter and 2 cups of whole milk” as if Chester had never made this item before. Ella quickly stated, “It has been two weeks since your accident, be careful, please” 15 days earlier Chester fell down the basement stairs and had a small wrap of bandages still on his head due to the massive concussion and 17 stitches that were required to remedy his wound. Unfortunately, there was one minor side effect, his memory would dissolve occasionally, which was a well spring of dark humor at times for Ella, who had seen her mate be more than braggadocios about his cooking accomplishments. The past few days Chester would become speechless with a consequential gaze over his eyes as he would lose all remembrance of the current situation. These moments were treasures for Ella since she was told that it was only a temporary condition.

“It is getting silky so it is now time for the grated cheese.” He would be very secretive to most on what he would use but today it was a combination of cheddar, fontina and gouda. He added some salt and pepper to the melted milk and butter liquid. Slowly he would portion a bit of all the cheeses at one time and then fold the gooey goodness until it was a smooth mixture then go back to add more cheese, a little at a time until he ran out of his cheese.

Chester turned the burner off and got his favorite casserole dish. Glaring at the well-used vessel he amusingly rambled on, “the spinach parm bake, Thai chicken with peanuts and cilantro, southwest black bean delight, oh how I love them all but my macaroni and cheese is always the best, there is none better!” Ella was staring into a cabinet make over, trying to ignore his bragging while hearing, “I simply amaze myself, Ella, you need to be very, very thankful to be married to a brilliant commander of all things cookery!” She just held her tongue, which occurred more often than not and let him keep on patting himself on the back.

The chef decided the cheese sauce was now ready to be poured into the cherished casserole dish. An aroma of cheese, butter, milk and love was gently poured into the dish. Chester was giddy as he plowed away from the oven and set the dish in front of his word weary wife. “Taste it my dear and tell me how incredible my macaroni and cheese is. Please be generous with your words, I cherish hearing you brag on me!” Ella took a small spoon and tasted it, she had only one reply, “Where is the pasta?” The loudest sound of the whole night was the groaning ugh that bellowed from the embarrassed cook.

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